Quirky News

  • 20 May 2010, 13:00

Police unveil pedal-powered patrol car

Police have unveiled their latest weapon in the fight against crime - a pedal-powered patrol car complete with siren and blue flashing light.

Officers believe building their new five-gear vehicle, which has a top a speed of 20mph, will help them combat anti-social behaviour.

The battery-assisted car has full Hampshire Constabulary livery - and a roll bar to protect the driver in the event of a crash.

PC Keith Waller spent 40 hours painstakingly building the car with children at Ringwood Comprehensive School.

"People have made comparisons between me and Mr Plod from Noddy but I take it all in good spirits," he said. "It's just a bit of a laugh.

"Getting youngsters involved gives them something to focus on at lunch and after school so they are not out there committing anti-social behaviour.

"I have been able to reach out to the students and make the police more approachable. It makes me look cooler, we all have fun and the children can come and talk to me."

PC Waller will race his mean machine in the British Pedal Car Grand Prix in Ringwood on July 11.

"I'm looking forward to it but do not expect to win - I'm no Lewis Hamilton," he added.