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  • 10 May 2013, 10:49

Police warn girl, 10, over hopscotch grid

Hopscotch /Rex

Police warned a 10-year-old girl that chalking a hopscotch grid onto a pavement amounted to criminal damage.

Lilly Allen was given the warning by two officers as she played the skipping game outside her home in Ramsgate, Kent, reports the Daily Telegraph.

She was issued the warning after making the outlines in white chalk, which washes away in rain.

Her father, Robert Allen, 51, has since lodged a formal complaint to Kent Police over the incident.

A Kent Police spokesman said in a statement: "We are trying to trace the officers, who are reported to have made this comment.

"From the circumstances described, it would not appear to have been necessary to advise the young girl that chalking a hopscotch grid may be criminal damage and illegal."