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  • 17 May 2013, 10:25

Polish police probe Portaloo prank

Prank /Europics

Police are investigating after a student was hurt when a portable toilet was turned upside down while he was using it in Poland.

Kondrat Jaworski, 23, had sat down in the loo after several beers during an end of exam celebration in Krakow when pranksters struck.

Police are now studying mobile phone images of the incident that left the engineering student with a cut head and covered in waste matter from the toilet bowl.

He said: "It may have been a laugh for those involved but it was no joke, I landed on my head and then got covered in a foul smelling chemical liquid.

"Even the toilet seat fell on my head. I then had to try and pull my trousers up in the dark and find the door lock."

Police say the young men involved will be prosecuted for vandalism and assault.