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  • 8 September 2010, 10:06

Porky primate put on crash diet

Oshine PA

An overweight orangutan in Dorset has been put on a diet after tipping the scales at a whopping 100kg.

Oshine is the fattest primate in Britain, and the latest addition to Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre in Purbeck will be having to swap sweets for fruit and veg.

After 13 years as a pet in South Africa, she's double her recommended bodyweight, reports The Metro.

Monkey World director Dr Alison Cronin said: "Now that she is at the park, we have her on a healthy diet of vegetables and fruits and she is getting a lot more exercise climbing through the specially-designed, two-storey orangutan creche.

"It will take a few months for Oshine to reach a more appropriate weight and then she will be ready to meet a new man and consider a family of her own."

Although Oshine is currently in the orangutan creche, she will move to one of Monkey World's two orangutan breeding groups when she loses weight.