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  • 21 February 2012, 9:51

Porsche driver gets 'stuck' in traffic

Stuck /YouTube

The owner of a Porsche sportscar got stuck in wet concrete after trying to beat traffic by manouevering into an empty lane.

The embarrassed motorist was trying to beat the traffic by driving his 911 Carrera S around a line of stationary cars.

But the lane he pulled into had only just been laid and the 75,000 car got stuck deep in the wet cement, reports The Sun.

The man had to stay in his Porsche while workmen tried to shovel around the wheels before it set any further.

And passers-by in San Francisco, California stopped to point and laugh at the driver.

Cyclist Robert Etzler, who photographed the car, said it was stuck for around an hour.

He added: "Eventually they had to dig out concrete from around and under the car to free it.

"I think the workmen probably angry initially but they were getting paid by the hour so they were probably getting a kick out of it."