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  • 16 April 2010, 8:55

Posh punter tried to bet on Royal wedding

A bookmaker near Windsor Castle refused to serve a posh punter who wanted to place a 2,000 bet on Prince William's wedding date.

Staff at the William Hill shop became suspicious of the wager because the man looked "out of place" and could have had insider knowledge.

A spokesman for the firm told Sky News: "He was very posh, clean shaven, wearing a blazer, shoes, the full monty. He looked like a Ralph Lauren advert."

The bookie was also suspicious because of the size of the bet and the location where it was made.

But the firm had been unable to identify the dapper punter despite scrutinising CCTV footage.

The William Hill spokesman added: "We normally get about three or four bets a week on William's wedding date and the bets are normally a fiver or a tenner."

He said there was a chance the man, in his late 20s, "was a friend of a friend" who knew the Prince was going to propose and could have "taken advantage of insider knowledge".

However, he also pointed out: "We haven't had a succession of people laying the same bet which suggests his idea was guesswork or was wrong".

The man, who did not look like William Hill's normal punters, had not been in before and staff suspected he could have worked at the castle or was in William's circle of friends.

The 27-year-old royal has not yet proposed to 28-year-old girlfriend Kate Middleton. But William Hill is offering odds of 1-2 that he will do this year and 6-4 that he will next year.