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  • 2 September 2010, 9:38

Prisoners walk fashion show catwalk

Prison fashion show /Quirky China News

Women prisoners made clothes out of recycled rubbish to stage their own fashion show in China.

A total of 120 inmates walked down the catwalk wearing clothes made out of waste products including plastic bags, rope bag handles and scrap material.

The fashion show was staged by women at Zhengzhou Women's Prison in Henan Province to promote recycling and a low carbon lifestyle, reports Jinbao.

"The eight evening dresses in the show were made out of black trash bags. They didn't cost us a penny," said prisoner and designer Li Li.

Two wedding gowns made out of toilet paper were among the more eye-catching designs, while other inmates sported African-style designs made from rope bag handles.

Deputy warden Gu Shiqing said the idea of the fashion show was to give prisoners the confidence that they could still achieve things with their lives.

"This is to let them know that they are creative and they are needed. And the low-carbon theme also pushed them to find the beautiful things in daily life," he said.