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  • 19 February 2013, 11:15

Probe into police dog's statement

Statement /Twitter

Police officers in the West Midlands could be in the dog house after a police dog apparently filed a witness statement.

The brief statement, on behalf of police dog Peach, read: "I chase him. I bite him. Bad man. He tasty. Good boy. Good boy Peach."

The 'statement' was signed at the bottom with a print of the Alsatian's pawmark.

It was reportedly written in response to a barrage of requests from the Crown Prosecution Service for an account from PC Peach on a crime, the Daily Mail reports.

Officers are said to have become frustrated after they continually told the CPS that Peach was a dog.

But it seems the joke report may have consequences as the force is now being investigated.

"The matter will be investigated," DCI Julian Harper, from West Midlands Police, told Huffington Post.