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  • 9 April 2013, 8:40

Probe into soldiers' take on Harlem Shake

Video /Europics

Military chiefs have launched an investigation after a video of half-naked Belgian soldiers performing the Harlem Shake ended up on YouTube.

The video was taken down within a day of being uploaded but not before it had quickly gone viral after showing the troupe of soldiers from Aarlen barracks dancing in little more than underwear.

Some of the men were seen moving about with machine guns while others used a shelf as a rowing boat or pretended to swim on it.

But while military chiefs said it had damaged the Army's reputation others described it as harmless and accused the top brass of overreacting.

Erwin De Staelen, from liberal trade union VSOA, said: "Above all, I see soldiers having fun. What's wrong with that?

"Soldiers used to pull these sorts of prank in the past but there weren't any YouTubes and Facebooks.

"A lot of hard work goes on in these barracks, but there also needs to be room for relaxation and the chance to let off steam.

"The weapons were semiautomatic but they didn't contain munitions, so there was no danger of injuring anyone."

The spokesperson for the Defence Ministry Bart Ghys however refused to take such a relaxed view and said the video would be studied and disciplinary action considered.