Quirky News

  • 21 October 2011, 12:19

Psychic sheep backs All Blacks

Sonny Wool the so-called psychic sheep is backing New Zealand to beat France and lift the Rugby World Cup.

The four-legged soothsayer, who has backed the All Blacks throughout the tournament, has again plumped for them ahead of the final.

In a special ceremony at Parliament, Sonny Wool ignored a container of food next to the French flag and headed straight for one next to the New Zealand flag.

His manager, Dan Boyd, said the sheep has so far proved his psychic abilities, but "all will mean nothing, unless he gets this one right".

Mr Boyd said he was so nervous Sonny Wool would pick France he'd been unable to sleep the night before, but he was now confident the All Blacks would triumph.

"My heart says it's definitely going to happen. I do think there will be a bit of argy-bargy a bit earlier on from the French, but I don't think they can keep it up and I think history will repeat from 1987 and we'll win."

He added that he hadn't yet decided what would happen to Sonny Wool after the final.

"We'll probably have to see if the weekend result is right before we decide what to do with him," he said.