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  • 14 March 2013, 12:01

Racing driver terrifies car salesman

A video of an undercover racing driver terrifying a car salesman by putting a sportscar through its paces on a test drive is going viral online.

The clip of Nascar driver Jeff Gordon's wild test drive prank has notched up an incredible 5.2 million views on YouTube in just two days.

Gordon donned a fake goatee beard for the stunt so that he would not be recognised by the salesman as he checked out a high-powered Camaro sportscar.

Telling the salesman he fears it would be " way too much car for me", he is invited to give it a test drive with the immortal words "the way to make you comfortable would be to put you behind the wheel".

Gordon, playing his role to the max, starts his test drive hesitantly as salesman Steve tells him: "It's got some power, so just get a feel for it."

Gordon then floors the accelerator, shooting off at breakneck speed and throwing the car around corners, narrowly missing other cars, as a hidden camera catches Steve's shocked reactions.

As the test drive ends, Steve is threatening to "call the cops" until Gordon rips off his face beard and tells him it was all a stunt for Pepsi Max.

Many viewers have questioned whether or not the video was staged but another replied: "It was cool, I liked it, don't care if it was or wasn't fake!! Still funny as hell."