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  • 31 January 2013, 10:54

Robert Pattinson cautioned Down Under

Robert Pattinson /Rex

Twilight star Robert Pattinson has been cautioned in Australia for riding a bicycle without a helmet.

The 26 year-old escaped a fine after he was photographed riding through Adelaide, without the required safety gear.

Pattinson, who has flown to Australia to film a new movie in the outback, was seen riding along the city's River Torrens wearing only a baseball cap, turned backwards.

Under South Australian law, riders must wear "an approved bicycle helmet that is properly adjusted and securely fastened''.

Police were alerted after the photo appeared in the local newspaper, the Adelaide Advertiser earlier this week, and officers have reportedly since spoken to the star's management team.

He was issued with a warning but escaped having to pay a fine of about 60, plus a 40 victims of crime levy.

A South Australian police spokesman confirmed today that the star had been "cautioned" and that officers were "confident Mr Pattinson is now well aware" of the local laws.

"He was spoke to and told of the requirement to wear a helmet when riding a bike in the state of South Australia," he said.