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  • 4 February 2013, 11:35

Romania teases UK in media campaign

Pippa and Kate Middleton /PA

Romania has launched a media campaign to poke fun at British anxiety about a potential influx of Romanian job-seekers next year.

Called 'Why don't you come over?', it plays up the attractions of Romania over Britain and claims: "Half of our women look like Kate. The other half, like her sister."

The campaign teases the British with the words: "We may not like Britain, but you'll love Romania."

It notes that Prince Charles bought a house in Romania in 2005. He is known to be a big fan of Romania's Transylvania region and its rural traditions.

The campaign also boasts that "our draft beer is less expensive than your bottled water".

Another ad points out that BBC motoring show Top Gear said Romania's beautiful Transfagarasan Highway was "the best road in the world".

The pro-Romania campaign is a response to British media reports that the UK government is considering negative ads about Britain to put off migrants.

UK curbs on workers from Bulgaria and Romania are set to be lifted next year.