Quirky News

  • 6 July 2010, 7:20

Royal hair turned into jam

Jam supposedly made from one of Princess Diana's hairs has gone on sale at a surrealist art exhibition in London.

Selling for 5 a jar, creator Sam Bompas, founder of catering company Bompas and Parr, says the jam is both art and food.

It is part of a art show The Surreal House at London's Barbican Art Gallery, which also includes exhibits by Salvador Dali and Rene Margritte.

Mr Bompas says a tiny speck of the late Princess of Wales' hair was infused with gin, then combined with milk and sugar to make the preserve.

He says he bought the hair on eBay for about 7 from a US dealer who collects celebrity hair.

The product was part of a range of 'occult jam' which also features jams infused with sand from the Great Pyramid in Egypt and wood from Nelson's ship Victory

"We thought about it and the most mundane food of all is jam. So we made it a surreal object," explained Mr Bompas.