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  • 14 November 2012, 11:23

Runners mistake cyclist for course guide


Runners in a 10k race in Newcastle went the wrong way after mistaking a passing cyclist for their course guide.

Many of the 530 athletes in the Heaton Harriers Memorial 10K mistook a member of the public wearing a bright yellow top for the lead bike..

Les Venmore from Heaton Harriers said the cyclist rode past "at the wrong time", leaving the runners in "a mess".

He told the BBC that the race was re-started and the problem was solved straightaway.

In a statement on its website the Heaton Harriers committee said the confusion occurred soon after the race had started, near the park's lake.

"The cyclist was dressed in fluorescent clothing and as the leading group of runners ran closer to him they mistook him to be a race official and mistakenly followed him to the right instead of carrying straight on," it said.

Some participants, including the eventual winner Ian Hudspith, are thought to have continued on the correct course, only to find themselves behind runners they had been ahead of.

Club chairman George Routledge said most of the runners seemed to "take it all in good heart" with a "lot of laughing and joking".