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  • 8 April 2013, 10:50

Rush for loo costs teen her licence

Police chase /Rex

A Swiss teenager arrested after a high speed chase told police she had been "desperate to get home to use the toilet".

Martina Koller, 19, lost her driving licence for what police described as more than a dozen driving offences.

Officers from the Swiss St Gallen police force had spotted her driving at high-speed along the busy A1 motorway and set off in pursuit.

But they didn't manage to catch up with her until she pulled up outside her home after having sped through her home town of St Margrethen after pulling off the motorway.

Police even found the teenager's two-year-old daughter asleep on the backseat and confiscated her driving licence immediately.

A police officer said: "If she had not been in such a rush she would have seen that she drove past at least four public toilets."