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  • 8 August 2011, 11:18

Russia's raunchy election campaign

Medvedev Girls /Wenn

Women stripped to their bikinis in Moscow to show their support for Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in an increasingly raunchy election campaign.

Activists from the so-called Medvedev Girls said they were taking off their clothes to support the President's initiative to cut down on the public beer drinking.

They invited members of the public strolling on Pushkin Square to pour their cans of beer into buckets. When the beer reached a certain level, they started taking off their clothes.

Hurling the buckets of beer down the gutter, they performed a strip-tease to reveal T-shirts with the slogan: "Choose beer or us!"

One of the Medvedev Girls, Anna Sirotkina, said: "We're taking our clothes off because this event is aimed mainly at young men and our main slogan is 'Choose beer or us'."

It remains unclear which of the two men will stand in next year's presidential elections, and the Medvedev Girls want the current Kremlin chief to stand for another term.

The group has set itself up to rival to the so-called Putin's Army group, some of whose members last month stripped to bikinis and washed cars in a soft-porn tribute to the prime minister.

Meanwhile, a video in support of Eduard Limonov's Other Russia opposition group features young women in tight black mini-dresses, high heels and sunglasses.