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  • 28 November 2012, 12:07

Scariest television prank ever?

A TV prank of passengers in a lift being scared by a little 'ghost' has been watched by more than five million people online.

Brazilian variety show Programa Silvio Santo organised the practical joke, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Members of the public enter the lift, before the lights are turned off and the lift abruptly comes to a halt.

Under the cover of darkness, a deathly looking young girl clutching a doll then enters through a hidden door.

When the lights go back on the lift has a new passenger - and victims of the prank are left screaming in horror and rushing for the exit.

The girl's ghostly appearance was reportedly inspired by the character from the classic horror movie The Ring.

The video, titled Ghost in the Elevator, has become a viral internet sensation since being posted on YouTube.