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  • 16 November 2012, 12:18

School's Gangnam style video goes viral

A Yorkshire school's version of Gangnam Style for the BBC Children in Need appeal is going viral on YouTube.

Titled Tad Gram Style, the video features teachers at Tadcaster Grammar School doing the song's infamous horse dance.

It lampoons Yorkshire culture, with lyrics including: "Hey Yorkshire Pudding! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! We've got Tad Gram Style."

It also includes the lines: "We are from Yorkshire, the home of puddings and Yorkshire tea, allegedly.

"We've all got ferrets inside our trousers, so don't come near, that much is clear."

The video has so far notched up more than 120,000 hits on YouTube, spawned a Facebook group and is rumoured to be featured on the Children in Need live broadcast on Friday.

Tad Gram Style's main star, English teacher Adam Dawson, said he had no idea how big the video would become, adding that it was intended for a staff X Factor competition.