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  • 19 October 2012, 10:33

Scientists crack formula for perfect pint

Scientists claim to have cracked the code of every drinker's dreams - what makes a perfect pint.

Researchers devised a formula based on factors including surroundings, music volume and the number of drinking partners.

The equation also takes into account the availability of snacks, the ambient room temperature, and the number of days until you are required back at work.

The resulting formula is: E = - (0.62T2 + 39.2W2 + 62.4P2) + (21.8T + 184.4W + 395.4P + 94.5M - 90.25V) + 50(S + F + 6.4).

E stands for enjoyment, T for temperature, W is the number of days before the drinker is back at work, P is the number of drinking companions, M is for mood, V is the volume of background music, while S and F relate to snacks and food available.

The complex formula was devised after researchers polled 1,000 volunteers from up and down the country on what conditions they preferred when drinking their pint.

Dr David Lewis, who calculated the formula at Mindlab on behalf of pub chain Taylor Walker, said: "Following all of our research we developed a formula for the perfect pint."