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  • 20 December 2012, 13:03

Snapper's portraits all wrapped up

Taped up /Wes Naman/Rex

A photographer has created a bizarre series of images - by wrapping up his friends' faces in sticky tape.

Wes Naman, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, had the idea for his Scotch Tape Series after applying tape to himself to test the set-up of a lighting rig on a photoshoot.

"My assistant and I tried it on ourselves and we got a good laugh from it so we decided to call up some friends, got plenty of vodka and Scotch Tape and made an evening out of it," he said.

"Everyone had a blast and it was fun to see how some were more grotesque than silly and people were trying to outdo one another with the distortion of the face."

He admitted the experience was "slightly painful and uncomfortable" but added that "the vodka helped".

"The pictures are full of deep meaning and metaphor, both negative and positive... a social commentary that defies all common sense," he joked.

"Having done 33 of them, maybe it's time to wrap it up."