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  • 19 February 2013, 11:12

Space Invaders chessboard

Chessboard /Rex

A designer has created an 'out of this world' chessboard - based on retro arcade game Space Invaders.

Tommy Hills, 34, has replaced the Queens with motherships, the Kings with turrets, and the rooks with shields.

All the pieces - including the alien pawns - are laser-cut from fluorescent red and yellow acrylic.

Mr Hills hopes the board will appeal to gamers, chess players, and "anyone with a nostalgia for classic games".

"It's an interesting comparison between the mindless button mashing of video games in a virtual space versus the thoughtful strategic play of chess on a physical space," he said.

Fans can buy the entire board and 32 pieces for 41 or two stand-alone pieces for 6.