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  • 22 April 2013, 10:29

Stonehenge seeks manager to talk to druids

Stonehenge /PA

English Heritage is advertising for a general manager to look after Stonehenge and liaise with druids.

It wants "a dynamic and inspirational leader" to look after the prehistoric site in Wiltshire, reports the BBC.

Duties for the 65,000-a-year job include leading the Wiltshire monument's 180 staff and volunteers and liaising with druid leaders.

Other responsibilities include overseeing arrangements for summer and winter solstices.

English Heritage's Tim Reeve said it was "important to ensure we keep the dignity of the stones".

"You could be up at the stones one minute, in outdoor garb trying to help visitors, then you can be back in a state-of-the-art visitors' centre," he added.

"The next time you could be in a suit, representing our site."

He said it was also important to make sure "solstice celebrations aren't in some way compromising the mystery and integrity of the stones".