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  • 10 April 2013, 10:44

Stuck cat goes through car wash

Soaked /Europics

A cat ended up with an unexpected wash and blow dry after getting stuck in its owner's car when he drove it through a car wash.

Owner Reinhold Pratl, 53, of Hartberg, Austria, said that he had heard a screeching noise when he parked at the car wash, but thought it was a noise from the engine.

It was only when he drove out of the car wash and switched the engine off that he realised he could still hear the noise, and then found his wet cat wedged behind the bumper.

Mr Pratl had spent 20 minutes driving the 15 miles from Hartberg to nearby Oberwart to visit the car wash.

He said: "I wanted to wash my car, when I heard the cat and then realised it was my cat I was really shocked.

"I have no idea how she got wedged in there - but they had to get the local automobile club to free her. I had to drive there - very slowly."

"Murli was still wet when she came out and smelled of shampoo - I put her in a box in the boot to take her home."

A spokesman for the Austrian ÷AMTC Gerald Kainz said: "It was not an easy operation, we had to dismantle a fair bit of the car to get to the cat.

"It's amazing really that she survived the trip from Hartberg to Oberwart and then the car wash unharmed."