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  • 8 October 2012, 10:38

Student lands job as human scarecrow

A scarecrow /Rex

A student who graduated university with a degree in music and English has been given a job as a human scarecrow.

Jamie Fox, 22, who recently graduated from Bangor University, will use a ukulele, accordion and cowbell to frighten partridges away from a field in Norfolk.

He is being paid 250 a week to wear a bright orange coat and play the instruments in a ten acre field where birds are unpeturbed by ordinary scarecrows.

His boss, Aylsham farmer William Youngs, even warned him to "bring a deckchair and a good book" for his days in the oilseed rape field.

Mr Fox, who says his friends are "slightly envious" of his role, is now saving to pay for a trip to New Zealand next year.

"I get to sit and read for a lot of the time but whenever I see the partridges, I have to get up and scare them off," he told the BBC.

"I ring a cowbell and I've even played the accordion, but the ukulele doesn't seem to have any effect on them."