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  • 26 February 2013, 11:02

Students set up naked cooking website

Naked vegan cooking /Facebook

Three students have set up their own website and Facebook page to celebrate their love of cooking vegan food in the nude.

Jess, Greta, and Zach discovered they had more than their studies in common when they moved in together in Manchester.

Jess, 24, and Greta, 21, became instant cooking competitors, while Zach, 24, just liked to walk around naked.

They eventually decided to start nakedvegancooking.com, a website where the roommates and contributors share vegan recipes that they cooked in the nude.

"We realised that by going naked, we created a platform to talk about a whole bunch of issues we are interested in," Jess explained to the Huffington Post.

Their website and Facebook page have led to other projects including art exhibitions, pop-up restaurants, and an anthology of body image writings.

But Jess admitted that cooking naked was not entirely risk free.

"In the early days we did have a few slip ups, particularly with hot oil," she said. "We quickly learned that aprons were not the enemy!"