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  • 7 July 2014, 16:28

Tattooed all over - for the second time

Keith Gordon /Barcroft Media

A 58-year-old London man had agonising skins grafts to remove his teenage tattoos - only to spend nearly £15,000 redoing them all over his face and body.

Keith Gordon blames the impulse to ink himself on extreme OCD - which has seen him change his appearance radically several times over the decades.

As a teen he was a skinhead before transitioning to long-haired, tattooed heavy metal headbanger.

He then cut his hair and had all his inkings removed through painful skin grafts so he could start a white-collar career as an administrator.

But now, Mr Gordon, from Romford, has gone full circle - tattooing most of his body, even his eyelids.

"A lot of people look at me aggressively. They look almost saddened and angry but I don't understand why - it's me who's looking like this, not them," he said.

"But I love the attention. I love being different and I love showing people that it is okay to be different."

Mr Gordon finally settled down at the age of 45 - getting married to Lisa, 42, and having children Jamie-Lee, 11, Ricky, eight, Jennifer, five. He also became a father to Lisa's daughter Diana Rose, 14.

Then, five years ago, after nearly 10 years of marriage, he felt an overwhelming urge to return to his first love - tattoos.

Mrs Gordon admitted: "I never would have married him if he looked like this when I met him.

"I feel embarrassed when we are out and everyone stares. But he's a good husband and a good father and I persevere."

Despite his family's objections, Mr Gordon is pushing ahead with even more tattoos and is in the process of finishing off a huge inking that spans his entire back.