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  • 4 January 2013, 12:22

Teen drugged parents' milkshakes

Milk shakes /Rex

A Californian teenager drugged her parents' milkshakes with a sleeping draught - after they banned her from going online after 10pm.

The girl, from Rocklin, near Sacramento, secretly put a friend's prescription sleep medicine in her parents' milkshakes, reports CBS.

Police Lt Lon Milka said the parents found it a bit odd when their daughter offered to buy them milkshakes.

They noticed their milkshakes tasted odd and only consumed about a quarter of them, but it was enough to put them to sleep, he added.

"They had a crunchy texture, bad taste in their mouth," Lt Milka said. "Subsequently, they fell asleep."

They didn't awake until the next morning and didn't remember exactly what happened but suspected something was up and took a drug test, police said.

"Drugging your parents so you can use the internet, never heard of that," neighbour Earl Carson said. "That's crazy."

The girl and her friend were both arrested on Monday and charged with conspiracy and willfully drugging her parents.