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  • 14 January 2013, 12:15

Teenagers recreate Toy Story

Two amateur film-makers have spent two-and-a-half years making their own scene-for-scene live action remake of Pixar's Toy Story.

Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta, from Arizona, were just 17 and 18 respectively when they began releasing short clips of the 1995 film using real toys in June 2010.

They proved popular enough for them to decide to make a full version of the Disney classic, and they have now released the full 80-minute movie on to YouTube.

The full-length film uses the original audio and soundtrack after a deal was apparently reached with Pixar, with Jonason and Jesse travelling to the studio's California HQ to hand out DVDs of their YouTube movie.

"If Disney doesn't acknowledge a fan's genuine passion by keeping this up, I swear I'll lose all respect for them," one commenter on YouTube wrote.