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  • 25 February 2013, 11:50

The house where everything is wooden

Wooden /Rex

An artist has built a house where everything is made of wood - even the books, stove, a loaf of bread and a coffee pot.

Every item in Livio De Marchi's holiday home - right down to an umbrella, a scarf, cutlery and napkins - is crafted from wood.

The sculptor has spent his life creating unique pieces of work using just a hammer, chisel and his favourite types of wood.

The 69-year-old Italian has now fitted out his holiday home in Belluno with the wooden objects he has made.

Hundreds of individually carved books line the shelves, while perfectly chiseled coats can be seen hanging from the wardrobe - seemingly ready to wear.

The house also has a full-sized dining table, complete with wooden cutlery and crockery.

Mr De Marchi first worked with marble, then bronze, before moving on to wood.

He said: "Wood has always been my favourite material.

"The wood is alive and has energy - and it gives me a lot of pleasure to be able to use it for my work."