Quirky News

  • 11 January 2013, 12:03

The loudest cat in the world

A Devon cat which purrs as loud as the sound of a Tube train could be named the world's loudest.

Mother-of-two Tracy Westood's pet Merlin's purrs have been measured at an incredible 100 decibels.

That means he is four times as loud as the average cat - and as loud as a the sound of a car horn 25ft away.

Ms Westwood, 47, from Torquay, said: "When I'm on the phone I often have people asking me what on earth the noise is. But I guess I'm used to it."

"We've measured Merlin at peaks of 100dB but he can be louder than that."

She is hoping Guinness will confirm he's louder than the official world record holder, Smokey, from Northampton, at 92dB.