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  • 3 January 2014, 12:27

The slacker's way back into work

Niek Gooren /Ext

A Dutchman was flooded with job offers after creating a website showing himself lying on a sofa drinking beer and eating crisps in his underpants.

Multimedia designer Niek Gooren created the website to highlight his plight after five months out of work.

"As you read this, Niek is alone and jobless," it says.

Along with his CV and a list of projects he's worked on, he explains that he'd be cheaper to employ because he doesn't take milk or sugar in his coffee.

A graph shows how a company's creativity and sex appeal will be transformed by bringing him on board.

The unusual tactic has now landed Mr Gooren a job with a PR firm, the NRC Handelsblad daily reports.

He told the newspaper that he received "about 50 offers" and could take his pick.

A new version of the website shows him lounging on an office chair with a bottle of bubbly.

"As you read this, Niek is washing down his crisps with champagne," it says.