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  • 9 May 2013, 9:28

Thousands apply to settle on Mars

More than 78,000 people have applied for the chance to leave Earth forever and live on Mars for a reality TV project.

The Mars One project aims to establish a human settlement on the Red Planet by 2023 and televise every aspect of the decade-long mission.

Successful candidates must come through a two-year selection process and train for another seven before heading to Mars, never returning to Earth.

Co-founder and CEO Bas Lansdorp said he expected more than half a million applicants to apply before the August 31 deadline.

"With 78,000 applications in two weeks, this is turning out to be the most desired job in history," he said.

"Mars One is a mission representing all humanity and its true spirit will be justified only if people from the entire world are represented."

Mars One has received applications from over 120 countries, including more than 3,500 from the United Kingdom.

As part of the application process every candidate is required to explain why they want to go to Mars in a 60-second video.