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  • 16 January 2013, 12:06

Thunderbirds fan's puppet shrine

Duncan Willis with some of his puppets /Rex

A sci-fi fan has transformed his home into a shrine to his favourite Gerry Anderson TV shows.

Duncan Willis, 55, of Whiteley in Hampshire, has a lifelong love affair with the work of the late Thunderbirds creator.

His first ever effort, a recreation of Colonel Steve Zodiac from XL5, sits astride his hoverbike on top of a DVD case in the living room.

Captains Brown and Blue from Captain Scarlet are on top of a wardrobe, while Virgil, Parker and Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds are all proudly displayed in his conservatory.

Mr Willis said: "I had always loved the shows, but never really been into the toys, they just didn't seem that well made.

"But I loved the puppets, there was something about them. I had always fancied owning one, but the originals are so expensive.

"I've seen them go in auctions for 30,000 upwards. So I thought I would try and have a go myself."

Mr Willis says each puppet costs him around 100 and three weeks of work.

He met Gerry Anderson on three occasions and even donated a Parker puppet to the series producer just before he died on Boxing Day, aged 83.

His son Jamie Anderson said the puppet "looked over Gerry in his final days" and will be auctioned to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society later this year.