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  • 16 April 2013, 9:51

Tiny fox cub recovers from unlucky break

Fox cub /Solent News/Rex Features

A cute red fox cub with a broken leg has become one of the more unusual patients at a Surrey wildlife aid centre.

The five-week-old cub was found injured and alone outside a shop in the middle of Leatherhead's busy town centre.

Weighing just 700g, the abandoned cub was clearly struggling before a kind passer-by spotted him and contacted the nearby Wildlife Aid Foundation.

It was at the wildlife centre where the luminous green bandage was applied while the fox waited for an orthopaedic surgeon to operate on his leg.

Founder of Wildlife Aid, Simon Cowell, said: "It is likely the cub's mother may have dropped him while carrying him around in her mouth.

"It is very rare for an animal of that age to suffer a broken leg because their young bones are still quite soft."