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  • 26 May 2011, 9:57

Tortoise 'wheely' on the move again

Tuly /Rex

A tortoise is now faster than her friends after having a wheel fitted to replace a missing leg.

Tuly lost a front leg when it was horrifically gnawed off by a rat while she was hibernating.

But now, thanks to a toy car wheel and some Velcro, she is fully mobile again - and her pals are finding it hard to keep up.

Philip Chubb, 64, whose daughter Eleanor runs a local Tortoise group in Norwich, made the prosthetic limb.

He said: "Tuly came to us after the vets operated to save her life last year. She was mobile but very off balance and slow.

"She was rubbing away her shell because it was scraping along the ground when she walked. It was a problem that would have lead to more complications."

Mr Chubb bought a toy tractor at a car boot sale and removed one of the wheels. Then he made a brace out of metal and Velcro strips.

He added: "Her balance was corrected. She didn't look like a sinking ship anymore and then she just took off.

"She clearly didn't mind having it on and seemed delighted to scoot off to feed on the weeds. She's now actually the fastest tortoise we have which is rather funny."