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  • 14 December 2012, 15:08

Town's 'rude Christmas lights' go viral

A spoof video of rude Christmas lights in Brighton is causing a stir online after going viral on YouTube.

The one-minute video, featuring a variety of locations across the seaside town, has notched up 720,000 hits in less than 48 hours.

Entitled 'What has Brighton Council done to annoy the person that puts up their Christmas lights?', it features a series of rude images and angry messages seemingly created in lights.

It was actually created through clever editing and special effects by viral video website Poke.

Brighton councillor Jason Kitcat said: "The video is a creative spoof, but it is making people smile and getting thousands of people talking about Brighton and Hove in the run up to Christmas.

"That has got to be good news for the city and good news for its traders."