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  • 29 April 2013, 10:39

Trapeze artist performs at 2,000ft

A trapeze artist battled blustery winds to perform her circus routine 2,000ft up - while suspended from a paraglider.

Held on by one safety tie, Roxane Giliand did not use a helmet or safety net for her gravity-defying routine with pilot Gill Schneider.

The pair even performed the daredevil routine twice so that a film crew could capture the moment perfectly, reports Metro.

Mr Schneider, 29, teamed up with his father's circus class to mix juggling, trapeze and other arts with paragliding and came up with the idea to have Roxane perform.

Their flight over Annecy Lake, in the French Alps, was captured by adventure filmmaker Adrien Sham who paraglided alongside.

Mr Sham, 31, said: "I was shooting the video with the trapezist and it was the last sequence to shoot before ending the video.

"They were pretty far away the first time, so they insisted we do it again to get closer and show audiences. I'm delighted we did it because people were completely amazed."