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  • 22 February 2013, 10:32

Trio leap from top of the Eiger in wingsuits

An incredible video of three daredevils leaping off the north ridge of the Eiger in wingsuits has been posted online.

The Jump4Heroes team observed a two minute silence in honour of the British armed forces before leaping from the edge of the mountain.

Former Warrant Officer Spencer Hogg, Sergeant Deane Smith and Major Alastair Macartney were flown by helicopter to the top of the notoriously exposed north ridge.

After their tribute, the video shows them leap off the Eiger in an arrowhead formation with the spectacular backdrop of the Swiss Alps around them.

After free-falling in their wingsuits, they opened parachutes decorated with poppies.

The team undertook the jump to raise money for the Royal British Legion which offers support to members of the Armed Forces and their families.