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  • 14 February 2013, 11:23

Valentine's Day money is on the mistress

Mistress /Rex

Cheating men spend more than twice as much on their mistresses than their wives for Valentine's Day, according to a poll.

The survey of 3,256 actively-cheating husbands, from across the UK, was commissioned by extra marital dating site Ashleymadison.com.

It reveals that the majority of men will spend will spend 200 to 300 on their mistresses - but only 50 to 100 on their wives for Valentine's Day.

The research also reveals the most popular gifts with men 15% more likely to buy diamonds for their mistress than their wife.

Men were 11.9% more likely to buy their mistresses lingerie, but 12.5% more likely to buy their wives chocolates or flowers.

Seven out of ten male cheats said they planned to see their mistress on February 13 - dubbed 'Mistress Day' - with a hotel being the most likely destination and "working late" the most popular excuse.

However cheating wives who took part in the survey said that they would be more generous to their husbands than their lovers.

They planned to spend less than 50.00 on gifts for lovers - but between 200 and 300 on their husbands.

AshleyMadison.com, which was founded in 2002 by Noel Biderman, claims to have 17.5 million members in 26 countries.

Mr Biderman said: "Like it or not, for both genders, having an affair can actually help save a marriage.

"This is a pattern we see repeated time and time again from our members."