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  • 8 May 2013, 10:44

Woman, 106, finds love of her life

Marjorie Hemmerde and Gavin Crawford /Alex Coppel/Newspix/Rex

A 106-year-old Australian woman - who has never been married - says she has found the love of her life.

Marjorie Hemmerde could even be accused of taking a toy boy - in the form of 73-year-old Gavin Crawford.

Both live at a care home in Melbourne and first met three years ago.

Miss Hemmerde says: "We just sort of melted into each other. We get along like old friends, the age gap doesn't seem to matter."

And Mr Crawford says he has found his princess: "Marjorie is very outgoing and has good outlook in life," he said.

"She is always very cheerful and appreciative and we laugh together all the time. I think we both have learned that life is far too short not to enjoy it."

Kew Gardens Aged Care social life manager Vicki Fraser said watching the relationship blossom had been heartening.

"That they found each other is beautiful. It's so positive for them both and so genuine. It proves it's never too late."

However, the pair say they have no intention of making their relationship official. Miss Hemerde explained: "I'm too irresponsible. I quite like living in sin."