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  • 11 March 2014, 12:19

Woman joins search party looking for her

Eldgja canyon /Rex

A 'missing' woman on holiday in Iceland managed to unwittingly join a search party looking for herself.

It happened after a tourist group traveling by bus to the volcanic Eldgja canyon made a pit stop near the canyon park.

The woman in question went inside to freshen up and change her clothes at the rest stop, and when she came back "her busmates didn't recognise her".

Word spread among the group of a missing passenger, and the woman didn't recognise the description of herself.

A 50-person search party - including the 'missing' woman - was soon canvassing the area, and the coast guard was mobilising to deploy a search party of its own.

It wasn't until 3am that someone finally figured out that the missing woman was actually in the search party, albeit in different clothes, and the search was called off.