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  • 3 May 2013, 10:34

Woman pulled over in pink police car

Pink /Europics

A German woman is in trouble with the law after her boyfriend turned her Opel into mock-up of a police car - in pink.

Officers had to get advice from HQ on whether the pink police car was legal or not after they pulled over Maria Fisher, 23, in Flensburg.

As well as the police style strips and reflectors it also had the words Pozilei, meaning fake policeman, instead of Polizei - the German word for police.

Police spokesman Otto Koenig said: "The car had the markings in the right place and at first colleagues thought it was another police car going past - but then they did a double-take when they realised it was pink."

In the end the decision was that the use of reflection strips, which were the same as those used by police officers, was illegal.

Ms Fisher is likely to now face a small fine and will be ordered to remove the strips before using the car again.

She apologised, saying the new look had been a surprise present from her boyfriend after he had watched an episode of the Pimp my Ride TV show.