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  • 5 March 2013, 11:05

Woman recreates Hogwarts - in Lego

Lego Hogwarts /Rex

A woman has built a scale model of Hogwarts School from the Harry Potter films out of 400,000 pieces of Lego.

Alice Finch, 38, spent 12 months constructing the replica of the school from the films based on J K Rowling's books.

The Seattle teacher also has recreated scenes from the movie in various rooms throughout the model including classroom scenes and meal time in the Great Hall.

She said: "It is designed to be architecturally accurate and completely playable.

"There are about 10,000 bricks just in the big central staircase to give you a sense of scale."

Ms Finch said the project was so huge that she suffered a number of what she terms 'Lego-related injuries'.

"At one point I over-stressed my knees by leaning over my work table for hours upon hours and I've worn off my fingerprints several times," she added.

"When I was putting on thousands of cones on the roofs, I wore band aids on my fingers because they were so worn and sore."