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  • 1 August 2012, 9:07

Woman's topless fight for equality

Moira Johnston /YouTube

A New York woman who spends her days walking around the city topless says she's fighting for equality.

Moira Johnston, 29, a topless dancer from Philadelphia, says she is exercising her legal right to take off her shirt.

She became a bare breast activist after she was banned from a yoga studio after going topless in class, something men were freely doing.

Since May, she has been seen strolling around the city's East Village topless to remind women that, under New York law, they have the right to bare their chests, just like men.

Ms Johnston says many people are unaware of that right - including the New York Police Department, which arrested her in May. She was later released without charge.

"I want women to know their rights and to give them the courage to go topless too," she told The Daily Beast.

"It's not that I want everyone to take off their shirt, but I'm supporting a woman's choice to do it and think every woman should do it on her own terms."

Video report - warning: contains partial nudity