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  • 12 March 2013, 9:38

World's first edible spray paint

Blue strawberry /Rex

A German food company has invented the world's first edible spray paint for people wanting to give meals a splash of colour.

The cans, called 'Food Finish', come in gold, silver, red and blue, and can be bought online for 21.47.

The spray paint has no taste by itself and can be applied on any item of food to offer a quirky alternative to regular meals.

To give the food a makeover, cooking enthusiasts must spray the paint layer by layer and wait for it to dry to enjoy the perfect finish.

The unique idea was created by German food company The Deli Garage.

Project manager Kaya-Line Knust said: "We love to invent and produce products that are fun for both us and our customers.

"We develop hundreds of ideas for new food products, but only a few of those product ideas can be created and placed onto the market.

"And I'm thrilled that the spray food is one of the ideas that made it.

"We all liked the idea from the beginning and luckily we found a manufacturer who can produce it for us."