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  • 29 September 2010, 11:05

World's most versatile stuntman?

Yang Guanghe Quirky China News

A Chinese man is hoping to get into the record books for being the world's most versatile performer of bizarre stunts.

Yang Guanghe, of southwest China's Guizhou Province, says he can perform more than 30 different stunts.

And to prove it, he performed them all during a one man show in Changsha, capital city of Hunan Province.

People watched him stand on lit lightbulbs, use hooks hanging from his eyelids to lift buckets of water, use an electric drill on his nose, stand on upturned knives and pull a car with his eyelids.

He also shocked his audience by inserting a live snake into one of his nostrils and pulling it out from his mouth.

And, to prove there really is somebody for everybody, his girlfriend Wang Mei, 22, then pulled a car with a rope fastened to a knife pressed against her throat.