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  • 30 April 2013, 10:16

'World's worst' parallel parker goes viral

A video showing what is claimed to be the world's worst attempt at parallel parking is going viral online.

More than a million people have watched the clip of an unfortunate woman trying to park her car in Belfast, reports the BBC.

The hapless attempt at parallel parking was captured on a mobile phone, after a group of students from a nearby house saw the scene unfold.

They uploaded the footage to Youtube, named it 'The World's Worst Attempt at Parallel Parking, Enjoy'.

Their running commentary on the poor woman's attempts to park include: "What is she doing, like?", "Day Five" and "this has been going on for 20 minutes".

After 30 minutes, when the car is finally parked, the watching students whoop with delight and give the driver a round of applause.

One of the students, Ciaran Doherty, told the BBC: "We were looking at it for a good 15 minutes before we started videoing it.

"I offered to park the car for her. I can't believe she couldn't get it in. It could easily have fitted a big people carrier in that space."