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  • 31 January 2014, 13:08

'World's worst' police sketch leads to arrest

Sketch/suspect /Lamar County Sheriff's Department

A police sketch dubbed the 'worst ever' has amazingly led to an arrest in the US.

Lamar County Sheriff's Department released the picture last week in the hope of tracking down a mugging suspect, reports Metro.

The image went viral, sparking hilarity among social media users and online news sites with many claiming it was the worst police sketch ever.

But a patrolman from the local sheriff's department in Paris, Texas, later claimed he recognised the man from the cartoon-like depiction.

Police had defended the image which they said was a composite from two descriptions sketched by an experienced police artist.

And they had the last laugh when the patrolman's tip led to a local man being charged with aggravated robbery and other crimes including indecent exposure, burglary, criminal mischief and evading arrest.