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  • 15 January 2013, 10:46

Zoo chimp addicted to human porn

Chimp /Rex

Keepers at a Spanish zoo say one of their chimps has become addicted to watching human porn.

Gina's unlikely habit began after a television set was installed in her enclosure at Seville Zoo.

Primatologist Pablo Herreros told El Mundo: "'To enliven Gina's nights, officials decided to install a Freeview television, protected behind glass, and gave her a remote control so she could change the channels herself.

"In the early trials, her keepers visited Gina to check that everything was in order and she did not break the new toy.

"The surprise came when they found that within a few days, Gina was not only using the remote control perfectly well, but that she also chose the porn channel for entertainment, as many of us would have done."